Lawyer Xiaobing Wang Received interview from China IP News on the process to be a professional lawyer

Release time: 2018-07-12


In April, 2018,  China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair opened in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Cente. In the meanwhile, Shanghai Lungtin law firm held the IP Salon of Legal practice on IP Due Diligence. The journalist from China Intellectual Property News interviewed lawyer Wang Xiaobing after the salon to talk about the experience to be a professional IP lawyer.

Lawyer Wang recalled his university life and the opportunity to learn the subject of law which interested him and determined his goal in the future. By self-learing the cases and trail live, he accumulated the practical knowledge of law and chose the IP postgraduate in Shanghai Jiaotong Univeristy. His pragmatic thoery helped him to slove problems and complicated cases in a flexible and proficient way. He also shared the experience on handling different cases. Through deeply learning the IP laws, IP lawyers should have the ability to use proper laws to settle IP disputes.