Practice Areas


Lungtin patent team can not only provide global patent mining, searching, applying, OA responding, reexamination of whole procedure with high professionalism and elaborate service, but also provide legal service, such as patent invalidation announcement, patent litigation, patent arbitration etc., which are detailedly listed as follows:

Domestic and foreign patent application; patent filing and registration in Hong Kong and Macao; patent application flow control;

Patent protection system design; patent operation and management; patent trusteeship; patent contract creation and verification;

Patent customs protection; patent mining; patent searching; patent strategy and portfolio; technical project analysis and review;

Patent legal counsel; patent legal consulting; patent legal training; patent invalidation; 

Patent infringement research and complaint; patent infringement analysis; patent litigation and arbitration;

Technical fields:

Electronics and communication: electronic circuit; computer; image; voice; information recording; communication, networking, semiconductors, microelectronics, optics, laser devices, medical equipment, software, business methods.

Mechanics and Physics: Power engineering, textile engineering, construction equipment, material processing, vehicle engineering, thermal engineering, fluid machinery, printing machinery, measurement and control engineering, precision instruments, electrical and mechanical engineering, electrical components

Biology and Chemistry: Protein engineering, food biochemistry, biological products, genetic engineering, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical preparations, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, analytical chemistry, applied chemistry.